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Vendor Assurance

A Vendor Assurance System has been implemented by CBH to ensure our customer receive only quality products on a consistent basis. Based on 8 steps Vendor Assurance program, we seek, develop and maintain reliable sources who are capable to meet CBH GMP standard and product specification consistently.

Our Vendor Assurance service consists of:
Quality Control
To audit the facility and QC system of qualified suppliers to optimize product specifications and implement adequate process controls in order to secure final product performance reliability over time.
To improve and maintain the quality system so that products are consistently in compliance with our specifications.
Technical Support
To provide technical documents (i.e. Specification, CoA, Process Flow, MSDS etc.) and other information to assist the customers understand our products and fit into their production requirements.
To respond technical queries from customer if any arises.
To solve quality problems when occur within the products being shipped.
Logistics Supervising

To monitor loading procedure and transport vehicles/containers in good condition and safety condition to maintain the products' good quality via whole transportation process.

Logistics Management


  To provide Timely, Accurately, Reliable service
Work Flow:
  Sales order confirmed
  Schedule production and shipping plan & monitor progress
  Book space with shipping line
  Monitor inland transportation, loading at both factories and wharf
  Fulfill export formality & accomplish shipments as scheduled
  Documents preparation and delivered to customers

  Working with Vendor Assurance team to ensure quality products with required 

     specifications are produced as planned

  Keep customers posted any time of orders progress
  Goods shipped on time by reputed shipping line with good service
  Shipping documents are prepared timely and accurately

  Assist customer logistic people to solve any problem may arise at destination.

Product Development

We have experienced technical people with strong industrial knowledge for product development. Our approach is designed to develop product with suppliers to achieve best performance to satisfy the client’s specific requirement and application. This includes specification development, process development, upgrading of facilities to improve the product quality and properties.

After acquiring the requirements and real needs of our customers, we may recommend other alternative products or raw materials to assist our customer to generate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of overall business.