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Product Name: DL-Methionine (Feed Grade)

Category: Amino Acid

CAS. No.: 59-51-8

DL-Methionin, one of essential amino acids and sulfur amino acids, is the first limiting amino acid in poultry, and probably also in high-yielding cows, and is the second or third limiting amino acid in pigs fed convertional diets. DL-Methionine participates in synthesis of tissue proteins, vitamins, enzymes and hormones taking part in nitrogen, carbohydrate and fat metabolisms, and it is the important source of methyl groups for synthesis of all nucleic acids, as well as the sulfur source for sulfonic compounds.

Our DL-Methionine is manufactured by chemical synthesis from petrochemical raw materials, and obtained a high quality product under the complete chemical reaction, without any potential unreacted materials left. The manufacturing process is operated under the appropriate quality control system, which can guarantee the quality of DL-Methionine.

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.