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Product Name: Choline Chloride (Feed Grade)


CAS. No.: 67-48-1

Generally classified as one of water-soluble B-complex vitamins (formerly referred as vitamin B4 in some publications), choline plays three essential functions in nutrition:

  1. As a component of phospholipid, it maintains the normal metabolism of cell and improves the transport and synthesis of fat.
  2. As a precursor of synthesis of acetylcholine, it plays important roles in neurotransmission.
  3. As a donator of methyl groups, it participates in numerous biological processes. 

Though choline is present in almost all feed ingredients, it is necessary to supply extraneous choline to fulfill the demand on normal growth performance because choline from natural feed materials are relatively low bio-available and could not cover the daily requirement on it.

We stabilize choline in chloride salt forms and could supply series products based on our advanced technology:

          Choline Chloride 50/60/75%  (Corn Cob carrier)

        Choline Chloride 50%  (Silica carrier)

        Choline Chloride 70/75%  (Liquid) 

CBH Choline Chloride is FAMI-QS and ISO certificated and widely applied in poultry, livestock, pets and aquaculture. The addition dose is dependent on the species, growth stage and environment factors.

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.