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Product Name: Pea Protein (Feed Grade)

Category: Protein

Pea Protein is insoluble, and extracted from peas. Pea Protein is a valued nutritional protein with excellent digestibility and low anti-trypsin activity, so it is a great choice in the nutrition for young animals.

The nutritional value of pea proteins results from their amino acid profile and in particular the levels of essential amino acids. The high concentration of lysine in our Pea Protein satisfies the need of mono-gastric animals. We hereby guarantee that our Pea Protein is produced from pea conversion method without GMO and foreign additives, and have excellent traceability for consumers

Our Pea Protein is an economical protein, with the content of protein upto 65% to 80%, so our product can be widely used as a nutrion enhancer in feed industry, such as pet food, livestock feed, acquatic product feed, etc. 

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.