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Product Name: Inulin/FOS Food Grade

Category: Nutraceutical

CAS. No.: 9005-80-5

Inulin/FOS is a natural source of fructo-oligosaccharide(FOS), extracted from Jerusalem artichoke. The characteristic chemical structure of CBH Inulin/FOS is fructose units linking together via β (2.1) bonds with one glucose unit terminated. Attributing to our advanced technology, CBH Inulin/FOS contains more than 90% Inulin in short-chain (similar to FOS).

Compared to normal Inulin (long-chain) derived from chicory, CBH Inulin/FOS offers great prebiotic effects, improved solubility, and lower viscosity. Therefore, CBH Inulin/FOS is well compatible for a wide range of health foods, such as dietary supplements, beverage, dairy, bakery, cereals, confectionary, etc.

Inulin/FOS is a well-known prebiotic, which offers perfect prebiotic effects to improve consumers health from many factors.


   Balance the intestinal flora and improve the intestinal health

   Boost calcium absorption and enhance bone health

   Reduce calorie intake

   Reduce GI (glucemic index), Help weight management and control

   Stimulate the immune system

We can supply two kinds of Inulin

   Inulin Powder 90%

   Inulin Syrup

CBH can also supply organic Inulin/FOS to fulfill increasing demand from fast grown organic foods industry. Our organic Inulin/FOS is accredited by EEC, NOP, and JAS standard.

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.