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Product Name: 5'-Nucleotide Monomer/ Premix Food Grade

Category: Nutraceutical

CAS. No.: 4578-31-8; 63-37-6; 5550-12-9; 3387-36-8; 4691-45-0

5’-Nucleotides, consist of a base (either a purine, such as adenine, or a pyrimidine, such as cytosine) linked to a ribose and one phosphates, are compound playing a key role in numerous intracellular biochemical processes. As building blocks of nucleic acid, and DNA, RNA, 5’-nucleotides are involved in almost all cellular processes essential to the function of living body, and play a major role in structural, energetic and regulatory functions.

The dietary nucleotides can provide numerous health benefits to the consumers, particularly for infants such as:

    Improving intestinal growth and differentiation

    Enhance intestinal recovery

    Boost immune functions both in humoral and cellular immune system

    Regulate liver function

We supply all the 5 kinds of nucleotides and sodium salts thereof as follows in superior quality:


         5’-CMP Na2

         5'-UMP Na2

         5'-GMP Na2

         5'-IMP Na2 

We can offer all above nucleotides in 

         Individual monomers for food or pharmaceutical industry

         Tailor-made premix in certain mixing ratio for infant formula

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.