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Product Name: Sialic Acid

Category: Nutraceutical

CAS. No.: 131-46-8

Appearance: White or light yellow powder particles without any impurity.


N-acetylneuraminic acid, also known as Sialic acid, abbreviated as SA, Neu5Ac or NANA. Sialic acids are widely existed in animal tissues and to a lesser extent in other organisms, ranging from plants and fungi to yeasts and bacteria. In humans, the brain has the highest sialic acid concentration where they have an important role in neural transmission and ganglioside structure in synaptogenesis.

Sialic acid can be widely applied in food, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals industry.

In food industry, sialic acid can be added into infant milk powder can increase baby intelligence and memory, enhance the immune ability.

In pharmaceuticals, as a raw material, sialic acid can be used in the development of important drugs, which have very good effects on anti-influenza, treatment of senile dementia, promote intestinal absorption of vitamin and mineral, anti-tumor and anti-inflammation. Moreover, sialic acid can also be used as raw material of health care products etc.

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