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Flavor and seasonings are the important ingredients for food industry to satisfy the consumers by attractive taste and flavor. Protect flavor form degrading and controlled flavor release are the critical challenges for flavor and seasoning manufacturers.

We have developed an OSA modified starch as a cost -effective solution to protect flavor oil from degradatioin, oxidation and volatile evaporation, by encapsulating the flavor oil/fat into spray dried powder due to its excellent emulsification and retention property. This encapsulated powder is also an effective way of flavor dispersion and instant release, and it provides ease of handling and incorporation into dry food recipes.

We have a ranges of other modified starches developed for flavor and seasonings sector as well, providing emulsifying, thickening, retention effects to the product, achieve the flavors and seasonings with desired texture, stability and flavor release as the consumers prefer. This range of modified starches also give cost-effective options to customers to substitute traditional high cost ingredients like arabic gum and gelatin, etc.

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.