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We have good experience in developing a range of modified starches to translate customers' desires into delectable snack foods, including coated nuts, directly expanded snacks, fried expanded pellets, stackable/formed chips, baked snacks, etc.

Our snack modified starches range contains pregelatinized starches, cross-linked pregelatinized starches and cook-up starches, which can enable our customers to diversify snack foods with desired expansion, texture, crunck, appearance, etc. The pregelatinized starches act as a good moisture distributor and binder in the premix, and give extrusion capability, firm texture and shape of the snacks. The cook-up starch improve the stability, controlled expansion and crispy texture of the snacks. Our snack modified starches also give our customers options of starch origin, including tapioca, potato, waxy maize, depending on requirements on processing, texture and flovers.

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.