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We have good experience for years to provide modified starch solutions to assist our customers to create a variety of confectionaries, including gum jellies, chewy candy, marshmallows and aerated confections, etc. We have developed a range of modified starch, with various characteristics of clarity, viscosity, elasticity, gelling properties, etc. Therefore, we can achieve various texture solutions to our customers, from an elastic gelatin-like texture to a soft, chewy feel by this rang of modified starches. It makes possibility to diversify a wide range of products with unique texture created by our modified starch to satisfy consumers prefer.

Apart fro a good texture agent, our modified starches can satisfy a wide range of confectionary processes, and also favorable to our customers to extend shelf-life, save cost, etc. For example, the thin-boling starches can be used in high concentration to save stoving time and elevate production capacity, due to its low viscosity at high temperature. The starches with fast gelling property are used as good gelling agent to fully or partially replace gelatin and arabic gum.

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.