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We have developed a series of modified waxy maize starch for fluid or semi-fluid convenient foods, ranging from cooking sauces (e.g. soya sauce, oyster sauce), food dressings, fillings and emulsions like mayonnaise, to ketchup, etc. These modified starch starches acts as excellent thickener and stabilizer to improve texture, stability, mouth-feel and appearance of above foods. This range of modified starches give flexibility to customers to use for both hot and cold prepared products, to satisfy the processing needs due to functions and advantages as follow:

         Viscosity and texture build-up;

         Enhance stability against heat, acid, shear and homogeneous processes;

         Provide pulpy to shiny body and creamy mouthfeel;

         High clarity and glaze of appearance;

         Freeze-thaw stable;

         Extend shelf-life.

Detailed technical data sheet and information available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.